5 Tips to Standing Out in Fun Fashion

Fun Fashion, or outfit of choice, is my favorite competition! It’s a great opportunity to express your personality, and really set yourself apart with both your choice of clothing, and your modeling style! I have recently had a surge of questions about Fun Fashion modeling and style choices from contestants entering the Miss Coast to Coast Pageant. So here are my top tips for anyone competing in Fun Fashion!

1. Let Your Personality Shine as Bright as Your Rhinestones!

This is what makes fun fashion the best! The outfits are so… well, fun! and you can really tell when an outfit perfectly suits the personality of the girl modeling it! Always know yourself and your personal style then add some glam! When it comes to fun fashion, there are so many exciting fabrics, textures, and colors to choose from! Try some fringe, or feathers, and always remember a little sparkle! Rompers and jumpsuits with a fun overskirt or cape tend to be a popular choice, and the extra fabric always flows and creates movement while working the runway! You have lots of choices, and if you can’t find just what you’re looking for, try thinking outside the box. Not long ago I had a contestant who was looking for a two piece shorts fun fashion that was glitzy and white with an overskirt. She couldn’t find what she was looking for anywhere, so we finally decided to take an old prom dress she had in her closet (that just happened to be a glitzy, white, two piece) and have it altered. The result was exactly what she wanted and only cost her $30! Don’t hesitate to get creative

2. Keep It Age Appropriate!

Different styles are right for different age divisions, and you do not want to be that Pre-Teen who shows up in the same outfit as a Miss contestant or vice versa. While ruffles, and floral patterns with sweeter looks are just right for younger girls, as you advance in age divisions your look needs to advance with you. But make sure you can move easily in it, movement is key for this competition! Older contestants will want to hit that mark showing off their physical maturity without crossing the line into sexy. Even the choices between Teen and Miss contestants should be different. With a Teen contestant the judges are often looking for that all American “girl next door” kind of feel. So not too high on the slits, and careful with the cleavage! A miss contestant has a lot more leeway, and as one of the oldest age divisions, they can usually get away with so much more. I must caution you though to still strive for more of a fun and flirty look than a sexy one!

3. Watch Fashion Trends but Keep it Pageanty!

The last thing you want is judges who have seen that look before. So be sure to keep up with what styles, fabrics, and patterns are on the cutting edge while you’re competing. But it’s not just about the latest style, it’s about taking that style and making it pageant appropriate! For example, just because you see that a 70’s trend with bell bottoms is starting to take over (and it is!) doesn’t mean that you should just grab a pair of bell bottom jeans and go work a pageant runway. How are you going to take that style and give it a pageant makeover? If you decide bell bottoms are the next hottest trend, maybe take to your computer and look up a pair of sequin or rhinestone bell bottoms to help give it a pageanty twist!

4. Don’t Over Model!

But don’t under model either! This is not the same modeling style you will use for evening wear. While evening wear is slow and poised, Fun Fashion is upbeat, fast paced, and high energy! This is the time for fun movements, chin pops, spins, and power poses! A great tip is to watch some fashion runway videos on You Tube to get some new ideas. While modeling, remember to keep it interesting so that the judges only have eyes for you. But be careful! When trying to dominate that stage and work your Fun Fashion you could be at risk for over modeling! Large movements are needed to so that you don’t appear tiny on a big stage, but be careful they are not violent, or erratic. Whipping your overskirt around is only a power move if you don’t look like you’re about to knock yourself over! If you’re not sure if you’re under/over modeling, I highly recommend using a cell phone or other camera to record your routine. When you watch it back and compare it to other routines online, you’ll know pretty quickly if you’re hitting that mark or not!

5. Have Fun!

That’s the point, it’s in the name! So shine bright, give those judges your biggest smile and have a blast. The music will be pumping, so match your rhythm to it, and just really enjoy yourself! The bottom line is when you’re having a blast, everyone will be able to tell. So take a moment before you go on stage, and remind yourself for all the things you’re grateful for. Focus your mind on all your blessings or overcome obstacles that got you to this place. Let that focus build your smile, and then walk out on to that stage like you own it!

Fun Fashion is the best, and everyone should have an opportunity to compete in it! If you’re looking for a great pageant where you can try out your newly found Fun Fashion skills, check out Miss Coast to Coast. It’s a virtual pageant, and therefore a great opportunity to try Fun Fashion for the first time. You have the unique opportunity to record your entry over and over again until you get it just the way you want it!

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